DONGEN, THE NETHERLANDS — Insect-based ingredient producer Protix announced the appointment of Piotr Postepski to chief commercial officer, effective Aug. 1. In his new role, Postepski will help advance Protix’s international expansion. 

Postepski brings nearly two decades of international experience from global companies to Protix. He has held various leadership roles in the pharmaceutical industry across different geographies. Before joining Protix, Postepski played a key role in developing and scaling a global animal health business, during which he drove growth and innovation.

In addition to his extensive career, Postepski is a trained veterinarian and holds a master’s degree in veterinary medicine from the Agricultural University of Lublin, Poland. He also attended the Warsaw School of Economics and London Business School, honing his skills in management, leadership and finance. 

As Protix’s new CCO, Postepski will help fuel international expansion and steer the company towards profitable expansion. He will be responsible for the company’s overall commercial strategy. Postepski will also lead Protix’s sales team and marketing, business development and product development activities.

According to Protix, there is a strong demand for insect ingredients as concerns about raw material availability and environmental impact continue to rise within the food and animal nutrition industries.

“Protix has transitioned to the leading commercial scale insect solutions company with international expansion,” the company shared. “We are now in a unique position to take a big leap forward and look forward to the contribution of Piotr to the next milestones on our exciting journey to bring the food system back into balance with nature.”

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