LONDON — Earlier this month, Accord Animal Health, a division of Accord Healthcare, launched its first product to market: Vivinicord Chews®, a natural dental supplement designed to enhance oral health in dogs. 

According to data from the Royal Veterinary College, one out of every eight dogs experience a dental illness. This illness can be caused by bacterial infections, plaque, tartar, a compromised immune system and a lack of routine dental care, most of which are preventable.

To help prevent these issues, Accord Animal Health has developed Vivinicord Chews, taking a “triple-action” approach to oral health. The supplements leverage a combination of scientifically backed, natural ingredients. Working at both the physical and cellular level, Vivinicord Chews help tackle gum infections, reduce the buildup of plaque and tartar, and deodorize the mouth, according to the company.

The supplements are formulated with:

  • Astaxanthin, a carotenoid that offers powerful antioxidant properties and is produced naturally in freshwater microalgae
  • Fucoidan, a fucose-rich, sulfated polysaccharide sourced from species of brown seaweed that contains various bioactives and touts antioxidant, anti-glycemic and antimicrobial properties
  • Indigo, also known as polygonum tinctorum extract, which boasts strong deodorant effects to help reduce halitosis and bad breath, and also has anti-bacterial, anti-yeast and antiviral properties

Accord Animal Health’s Vivinicord Chews will be exclusively available via veterinary practices throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland. They are available in 30-count packs and four varieties specific to dogs’ weight. 

“We are excited to bring to the UK and Ireland market, Vivinicord Chews, a novel combination of natural ingredients designed to aid pet owners support their dogs’ oral health,” said Bob Ferguson, commercial lead for Accord Animal Health. “Dental disease and associated infections are such a huge issue for vets and owners, we believe Vivinicord Chews can be a valuable part of the solution.

 “Vivinicord Chews will only be available for owners to buy from their local veterinary practice, supporting our mission of building a sustainable partnership with our veterinary customers,” he added.

The supplements are being launched in partnership with Vetirus LLC, an American pharmaceutical company. 

“We recognize the demand for innovative natural therapies in the field of animal health, and joining forces with Accord will amplify our impact and accelerate the development and delivery of novel solutions,” said Robert Jordan, chief executive officer of Vetirus. “We are thrilled to work with Bob and his team on this partnership and look forward to working together on launching further innovative pipeline animal health products into EMENA through Accord Animal Health.”

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