ATLANTA — Natural Farm Pet, a natural dog treat company, launched its latest innovations: Beef Cheek Rolls and Bully Cheek Rings. The chews aim to serve as a “delightful addition” to dogs’ nutrition routine, according to the company. 

The chews are made from grass-fed, free-range cattle in Brazil, offering high-quality protein and essential nutrients. Additionally, the premium chews support skin and coat, joint and muscle health from collagen and protein. They are free from grains, hormones and chemicals, according to Natural Farm. In addition to their health benefits, these long-lasting chews are odor-free and fully digestible. 

The chews are air-dried and are produced in Natural Farm’s human-grade facility, which follows USDA and FDA standards to ensure food safety. Natural Farm also operates control over its entire production process, from sourcing to packaging, which allows the company to maintain high quality and safety standards. 

“Our beef cheek rolls and stuffed cheek rolls combine Natural Farms commitment to providing your dog with a healthy and enriching chew experience along with trustworthy ingredient-sourcing,” said Vinícius Monteiro, head of global marketing and online sales at Natural Farm. “They’re our longest-lasting chew to date, a quality every pet parent can appreciate when selecting a chew for their dog. We’re excited to introduce these new products to our customers and retail partners as innovative alternatives to rawhide chews.”

The new products are available direct to consumer through Natural Farm’s website, as well as on Amazon. The Beef Cheek Rolls are available in three varieties: plain, peanut butter and chicken. 

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