SHANGHAI — Hiperbaric, a provider in the design and manufacturing of high pressure technology, announced the opening of a new sales office in Shanghai on June 3. The new office will be dedicated to the commercialization of high pressure processing (HPP) equipment. 

According to Hiperbaric, demand for safe, healthy and clean-label food products has fostered growth of the HPP market in China, prompting the company to expand its presence in the country. HPP is a non-thermal preservation method that uses cold water and high pressure, up to 87,000 psi, to inactivate foodborne pathogens and spoilage microorganisms. Additionally, this process can help maintain the nutritional content and flavor of products, while also significantly extending shelf life without the need for preservatives. HPP technology touts various applications in food and beverage, ready-to-eat meals, meat and fish products, and pet food. 

Hiperbaric currently has a 23.5% market share of the HPP market in China and hopes to significantly expand this through the new office.

“With the opening of this new Hiperbaric location in Shanghai, our goal is to reach a market share of 45% in China in the next five years,” said Andrés Hernando, chief executive officer of Hiperbaric.

Jorge Marraud, director of Hiperbaric Asia, added, “We want to work with a wider range of customers in China, from small- and medium-sized companies interested in HPP to large multinational companies with the capacity to process large volumes of HPP products.”

This is not Hiperbaric’s first foray into the Chinese HPP market. In 2009, the company installed its first HPP equipment in the country and has since entered over 12 agreements for the commissioning of various HPP equipment throughout the country. The country currently accounts for about 10% of Hiperbaric’s total turnover, while the Asian market as a whole represents about 20%, according to the company. 

Located in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone, the new office will allow Hiperbaric to consolidate its presence in the Asian market, as well as capitalize on opportunities in the high hydrostatic pressure (HHP) sector. The office features a pilot plant with a Hiperbaric 55 system, which is capable of processing up to 270 kgs (about 44 lbs) per hour. 

“At our HPP Incubator Shanghai, companies can conduct HPP trials and receive free customized advice on product formulation, packaging suitability, validation and shelf-life studies,” said Guangqi Zheng, market manager for China at Hiperbaric. 

Currently, Hiperbaric holds 60% share of the global HPP market with more than 400 HPP systems installed in 50 countries spanning five continents. 

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