CHRÁŠŤANY, PRAGUE — VAFO Group’s CARNILOVE brand announced May 20 the launch of a new dog treat portfolio delivering freeze-dried meat treats to satiate canines’ instinctual cravings. According to the company, these new Freeze-Dried Meat Treats for dogs are high in fresh meat and gently processed to retain taste, aroma and essential nutrients.

CARNILOVE’s new freeze-dried dog treats feature more than 94% fresh meat and come in semi-soft, bite-sized pieces particularly suited for premium treating occasions. They can also be fed as a high-protein meal topper.

VAFO Group designed the treat line to include both mono- and multi-protein formulations in order to cater to a wide variety of dogs. The single-protein treats are suited for dogs with dietary restrictions, food allergies and intolerances, and available in two recipes: Turkey and Lamb.

The multi-protein treats are available in Duck & Chicken, which is formulated to support digestion; Salmon & Turkey, which is designed to support skin and coat health; and Turkey & Game for dogs with high-energy needs, according to the company.

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