BROOKLYN, NY. — Ollie, a human-grade fresh dog food brand, announced May 21 it has partnered with Brooklyn-based Van Leeuwen Ice Cream to debut its first-ever doggy ice cream product. The two companies joined forces to develop a peanut butter and banana-flavored pint for pups made with safe and premium ingredients.

“At Ollie, quality is always top of mind. Not just when it comes to sourcing our fresh ingredients, but also the quality of our dogs’ lives,” said Nick Stafford, chief executive officer at Ollie. “We wholeheartedly agree with Van Leeuwen that happiness is healthiness, which is why we put just as much love and care into our treats as we do our main meals. We want dogs to live long, healthy lives filled with the joy and adoration they deserve, fueled by the nutrition they need. I am beyond thrilled about this collaboration, which will bring even more enjoyment to our beloved dogs.” 

Ollie and Van Leeuwen described the cold canine treat as “sweet and salty,” featuring dog-safe peanut butter swirls in non-dairy banana ice cream.

The new ice cream for dogs will roll out at various Van Leeuwen scoop shops around the United States, and will also appear on-shelf and online through Petco. The product will also be available to pet owners with an Ollie subscription. To promote the launch, the brand will give away a free pint of the ice cream to pet owners who sign up for an Ollie subscription between June 3 and 13.

The companies will also host ice cream truck events in New York City, Los Angeles and San Diego this summer, through which Van Leeuwen and Ollie will serve up free scoops to dogs and their owners alike.

“We’re excited to partner with Ollie to create an extra special treat for pups,” added Ben Van Leeuwen, co-founder and CEO of Van Leeuwen Ice Cream. “It’s the perfect flavor combo — my dog Hachi and our office dogs taste-tested it and could not get enough of it. We hope yours will love it too.”

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