SAN RAFAEL, CALIF. — Serge Berguig, president of PAC Machinery, has announced his retirement after more than 40 years with the company. He will continue to support PAC Machinery in a strategic advisory role.

“As I reflect on my time leading this organization, I am proud of the growth realized across our locations, as well as the hard work and dedication from all our employees,” he commented. “I know that our strong leadership team will continue to guide PAC Machinery into the future as a leading manufacturer of packaging equipment and bag materials.”

Greg Berguig, former vice president at PAC Machinery focused on sales, marketing and commercialization initiatives, has been tapped to lead the company following his father’s retirement.

“On behalf of everyone in our organization, I’d like to extend our appreciation and gratitude to Serge for 40 years of service to the company,” Greg said. “During his time, Serge established this business as an industry leader in packaging, growing our product offerings through new developments and acquisitions, to keep PAC Machinery as a strong player in our space. We have a trusted brand reputation and are positioned to continue developing packaging solutions that customers require. Serge’s entrepreneurial spirit, engineering knowledge and focused leadership over the past four decades has earned him the utmost respect of our employees, customers and partners. He will be missed as he transitions from his role.”

PAC Machinery has offered flexible packaging solutions to various product sectors for the last 60 years. For pet food products, the company offers a range of packaging equipment including baggers, heat sealers, vacuum sealers, weight counting machines, flow wrappers and shrink wrapping.

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