NEW YORK — BARK, Inc., a global omnichannel dog brand, announced May 15 that its new line of cereal-inspired treats, called The Snack Pack, is now available at PetSmart. The treats will be on shelves at over 1,000 PetSmart locations throughout the United States and online at 

The Snack Pack treats launched in March. The line is inspired by popular breakfast cereals. Each treat includes a corresponding mascot and a “surprise” in every box. The Snack Pack line includes Go Nutty’s™, Fruity Toot Loops™, Beefy Toot Loops™, Lucky Duckies, Frosted Socks, Porky Meat Hunks, Beefy Meat Hunks, Yammy Veggie Hunks, Clucky Nuggy Yumz and Swimmy Nuggy Yum, available in crunchy and soft-baked formats. The treats are free from corn, soy and artificial preservatives. 

With the addition of PetSmart, BARK’s The Snack Pack is now available at 2,400 stores. 

“We are excited to announce that our new treat offering, as well as several corresponding character toys, are now available nationwide at PetSmart,” said Matt Meeker, chief executive officer of BARK. “Today’s announcement affords us another opportunity to introduce our growing consumables offering to millions of customers around the country. This is an important milestone for BARK, and we look forward to continuing to broaden the distribution of our consumables category.”

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