MOUNT PLEASANT, TEXAS — Mid America Pet Food expanded a recent pet food recall on Nov. 9 amid an investigation by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) regarding seven Salmonella Kiambu illnesses and one hospitalization related to the recalled products.

On Sept. 3, Mid America issued a voluntary recall of one lot of its VICTOR Super Premium Dog Food Hi-Pro Plus diets after a random sample tested by the South Carolina Department of Agriculture tested positive for Salmonella. Then on Oct. 30, the company recalled three lots of its VICTOR Super Premium Dog Food Select Beef Meal & Brown Rice Formula after those products tested positive for Salmonella.

The company has now expanded the recall to include 59 lots of various VICTOR formulas for dogs, eight lots of various VICTOR formulas for cats, six lots of its Wayne Feeds brand dog food, two lots of its Wayne Feeds brand cat food, one lot of its Eagle Mountain Pet Food Pro Balance dog food, and two lots of Member’s Mark dog food.

Overall, the recalled products have a best-by date of Oct. 31, 2024. Find a list of all 35 recalled products with UPC numbers and best-by dates on the FDA’s website here.

The recall predominantly impacts Mid America’s VICTOR line, with 24 dog and cat diets implicated in the recall.

According to the CDC, seven people have been diagnosed with Salmonella illness and one has been hospitalized in relation to the recalled pet food products. Affected consumers reside in seven states — California, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Alabama, Florida and Hawaii. Of the seven impacted individuals, most (86%) are less than 1 year old. No deaths have been reported.

“Of the five people interviewed, all (100%) reported contact with a dog or having a dog in the household, and three (60%) fed their dogs Victor brand dog food,” the CDC stated as part of its investigation into the outbreak. “One person reported feeding the Hi-Pro Plus product, and the other two did not remember the specific type of Victor brand product they fed their dogs.”

The CDC also warned recent illnesses may not yet have been reported as it takes up to four weeks to link a sick person to an outbreak, and that the number of sick individuals related to the outbreak is “likely much higher than the number of reported.”

Retailers and distributors have been advised by the FDA to pull all recalled products from their inventories and destroy them. Pet owners have been advised to stop feeding the recalled products, sanitize food containers and bowls, and dispose of impacted products away from children, pets and wildlife.

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