BALATON, MINN. — The trū® Shrimp Companies Inc. has become a member of the Upcycled Food Association (UFA) and received UFA certification for its trū® Protein ingredient, which can be used in pet food and treats.

trū Protein is formulated using ground, raw shrimp and developed using The trū Shrimp Companies’ patented Tidal Basin™ technology, making it a fully traceable ingredient. The ingredient allows the company to make use of the entire shrimp, from the meat to the shrimp’s tail and shell, ensuring minimal food waste and increasing sustainability throughout the pet food supply chain.

“Our mission is to be a sustainability leader within the pet food and treat industry and becoming a certified member of Upcycled Food Association is the obvious next step in our journey to elevate our corporate social responsibility,” said Michael Ziebell, president and chief executive officer of The trū Shrimp Companies. “We’re excited to be Upcycled Certified and join the list of other great companies to help mitigate food waste, combat climate change and offer customers a superior quality pet food ingredient.”

Upcycled foods can help reduce food waste by developing new, high-quality products from highly nutritious ingredients that would otherwise end up in landfills. As sustainability becomes a high priority for consumers, upcycled foods are growing in popularity within the human food and pet food categories.

“Upcycled foods come from ingredients that would have otherwise ended up going to waste,” said Brad Allen, chief executive officer of Blue Indie Innovations. “Pet food processors and pet food brands are exploring more options for upcycled ingredients, to give them a broader spectrum of products. Having the ability to use trū Protein affords the manufacturer and brand many options to innovate and develop products that are on trend, sustainable and nutritious.”

As well as certification from the UFA, The trū Shrimp Companies also received accreditation from the Pet Sustainability Coalition (PSC) for its ingredient line, as well as other sustainability efforts.

“trū Protein has established itself as a true change agent in the sustainable pet food space by utilizing the parts of the shrimp harvest that are typically discarded for not meeting stringent product specifications,” said Angie Crone, chief executive officer of the UFA. “UFA is thrilled to welcome trū Shrimp into our membership network that now includes 260 organizations from over 20 countries.”

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