SEATTLE — In a new collaboration, Green Juju and AnimalBiome are seeking to highlight the benefits fresh, plant-based nutrition can have on a dog’s microbiome and gut health through the Green Juju Microbiome Challenge.

According to the companies, research has shown the benefits of fresh, plant-based nutrition, particularly plant-based fiber, on gut microbiome diversity and function. An increased intake of fiber has also been shown to help reduce risk for inflammatory diseases, digestive, skin and other health issues, according to Green Juju and AnimalBiome.

Through the challenge, consumers can purchase and feed their dogs Green Juju’s Freeze-Dried Just Greens Blend topper, a frozen whole food supplement, or any of the company’s other freeze-dried vegetable toppers, as well as the DoggyBiome & Green Juju Microbiome Challenge Gut Health Test kits. Using the testing kits, consumers can examine their dog’s microbiome health before and after feeding Green Juju’s toppers for one month.

Green Juju’s Just Greens Blend is formulated with dandelion greens, kale, parsley, celery, ginger and turmeric.

“We are so excited about this collaboration because pet parents can see with their own eyes the difference that a thoughtful diet can make,” said Kelley Marian, founder of Green Juju. “AnimalBiome is doing amazing work, and their research reinforces our ‘feed fresh’ philosophy. I know customers will see the difference, and they will feel great about the decisions they’re making for their pets’ diets.”

AnimalBiome’s DoggyBiome Gut Health kits analyzes bacteria in a dog’s stool, offering a detailed analysis of their gut health. Since its founding in 2016, the company has tested the gastrointestinal tracts of nearly 50,000 pets, creating the world’s largest pet microbiome database, according to the company. Earlier this year, it released the results of a new study, “The Kitty Microbiome Project: Defining the Healthy Fecal ‘Core Microbiome’ in Pet Domestic Cats,” revealing that diet, alongside a cat’s age and living environment, plays a significant impact on the bacterial composition of felines’ microbiomes.

“This collaboration raises the bar for giving pet owners transparency when it comes to making decisions for their pet’s health,” said Carlton Osborne, chief executive officer of AnimalBiome. “Green Juju is an innovative company whose products align our scientific understanding of how diet impacts a dog’s overall health by way of the gut microbiome.”

Green Juju and AnimalBiome are selling the co-branded test kits to consumers and retailers and AnimalBiome will also sell Green Juju’s Just Greens Blend on its e-commerce platform.

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