NEW BEDFORD, MASS. — Northern Pelagic Group, LLC. (NORPEL) has received sustainability accreditation with the Pet Sustainability Coalition (PSC). According to the company, the accreditation acknowledges its commitment to positive environmental and social practices.

NORPEL is a manufacturer of fresh and frozen proteins specifically for use in the pet nutrition space. The company offers various land and sea proteins including chicken, turkey, beef, salmon and others. Since its entrance into pet food in 2014, NORPEL has worked to promote sustainability throughout its operations and network, producing its ingredients by upcycling food items to help prevent waste.

“NORPEL continues to connect sustainable proteins to pet food brands so that pet parents can feel better about the proteins their pets eat,” said Michael Tierney, who was recently appointed to chief commercial officer. “We continue to find success in promoting sustainable seafood proteins and now have a wide offering of products of both land and sea proteins from across the globe, from producers big and small.

“The ideals of environmental and social responsibility remain a core component of NORPEL’s identity,” he added. “Our entire team is excited to continue this chapter with Pet Sustainability Coalition and extends its appreciation to PSC for its crucial and hard work in creating a better world for pets, consumers and industry workers.”

NORPEL originally joined the PSC in 2021 with a goal to strengthen its eco-friendly initiatives outside of procurement. According to the company, PSC accreditation was a “natural next step.”

“PSC Accreditation is the only one in the pet industry that recognizes those companies that have concrete sustainability measures built into the company DNA,” said Hannah Tirrell-Wysocki, accreditation manager at PSC. “Companies must complete rigorous third-party verification of sustainable business practices in alignment with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, meet minimum performance requirements, and demonstrate annual improvement to retain their accreditation. These top performers demonstrate true leadership in the industry with transparency and integrity.”

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