SAN DIEGO — On May 1, California Dog Kitchen expanded its organic-certified product line with the launch of a new chicken-based fresh dog food. According to the company, the formula is the first USDA-Certified Organic fresh dog food made specifically for the independent pet retail market.

Founded by brothers Sasha Altshteyn and Ilya Altshteyn, the company developed its organic dog food line for dog parents concerned about possible carcinogenic pesticides that may be found in common formulas. California Dog Kitchen partnered with Organic Certifiers, Inc., to achieve its USDA-Certified Organic certification.

California Dog Kitchen's new Organic Chicken and Qunioa dog mealSource: California Dog Kitchen

“We’re excited to provide independent pet retailers the first certified organic fresh dog food option on the market,” the Altshteyns said. “This new recipe lets people feed their dogs as equals, which is exactly why we started this journey: providing dogs the sustainable, nutritious food they deserve.”

The new Organic Chicken and Quinoa dog food is formulated with locally sourced ingredients and packed in sustainable packaging. The formula contains all organic ingredients including chicken and organ meat, quinoa and fruits and vegetables, which are gently steam cooked. It joins California Dog Kitchen’s other recipes, which include Wild Venison and Zucchini and Wild-Caught, Grain-Free Fish.

California Dog Kitchen’s Organic Chicken and Quinoa meal is now available alongside its existing SKUs at more than 80 independent pet retailers throughout the West Coast for $12 per pound.

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