LINCOLN, NEB. — Universal Pure, a provider of high pressure processing (HPP), recently entered a purchasing agreement to acquire all HPP assets from Texas Food Solutions. With growing interest and increasing consumer demand for fresh food and pet food products, Universal Pure hopes to better serve the industry by joining resources with Texas Food Solutions.

Details on the purchasing agreement were not disclosed.

Texas Food Solutions was founded in 2014. The company serves food and beverage manufacturers throughout southeast Texas and Louisiana, offering HPP and food innovation solutions.

“After watching HPP adoption and Universal Pure’s leadership across the industry for the past decade, this deal was a natural fit for Texas Food Solutions,” said Brad Wilson, chief executive officer of Texas Food Solutions. “We are pleased to be a part of their exciting future.”

According to Universal Pure, the agreement will seek to strengthen its core HPP and cold chain offerings in the Texas and Louisiana regions. Following the purchasing agreement, Universal Pure will now operate 22 HPP machines spanning seven locations.

“We are excited to continue growing to serve our customers,” said Jeff William, chief executive officer of Universal Pure. “Since expanding our Texas operations in 2021 with the opening of our Arlington facility, the stage was set for more growth in the region. The addition of the Texas Food Solutions assets will provide more redundancy and capacity for our customers, and those seeking HPP and integrated solutions all under one roof.”

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