AUSTIN, TEXAS — A Pup Above launched a new size for its Whole Food Cubies air-dried dog food. The new 2.5-oz bags will officially hit retail shelves beginning in May.

Whole Food Cubies are the world’s first shelf stable, sous-vide style dog food, according to A Pup Above. The diets are human grade, contain non-GMO vegetables and functional herbs to help support joint, immune and digestive health. The line offers grain-free and grain-inclusive formulas to support all dogs.

The new 2.5-oz bag sizes will be available in all Whole Food Cubies recipes, which include Chicka Pupatouille, Porky’s Porchetta, Turkey Pilaf and Beef Pot Roast, for $3.99 each. The diets can serve as a sample, treat or topper to a dog’s existing complete-and-balanced diet.

“A Pup Above is thrilled to be releasing this smaller Cubies option for both retailers and customers,” said Javier Marriott, co-founder and president of A Pup Above. “The 2.5-oz bag is the perfect size for dog parents to try out the Cubies with their pups.”

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