HELSINKI, FINLAND — Musti Group, a Nordic omnichannel pet care company, recently increased its holding in pet food factory Premium Pet Food Suomi Oy, acquiring full ownership of the facility. The Lieto, Finland-based facility will now be called “Musti Kitchen” and will operate as a fully owned subsidiary of Musti Group.

Musti Group originally held 49.2% share in the Premium Pet Food Suomi Oy factory. According to Premium Pet Food Suomi Oy, its sales from July 2021 to June 2022 reached €7.7 million ($8.3 million USD) and EBITDA was €1.4 million ($1.5 million USD).

Musti Group increased its stake in the pet food factory amidst rising demand for local and sustainable pet products. According to the company, an increasing number of pet parents are interested in dog food that is locally produced and more environmentally friendly.

The Premium Pet Food Suomi Oy facility is perfectly situated near raw material supply and uses ingredients from local producers, according to Musti Group. This offers Musti Group the ability to trace the origin of ingredients, providing it with more supply chain control and ingredient transparency.

The facility acquisition is just part of Musti Group’s strategy to increase its branded product offerings. The facility will enable the company to ramp up its dry and frozen pet food production.  

Alongside its capabilities, the facility also furthers Musti Group’s environmental initiatives. The company strives to reduce its logistics emissions and aims to use 100% renewable energy resources throughout its Nordic operations. The Premium Pet Food Suomi Oy facility uses solar panels and renewable energy to power its manufacturing.

“This transaction allows us to deepen our commitment to sustainably produced products,” said David Rönnberg, chief executive officer of Musti Group. “We can listen to our customers and respond to the increased demand for locally and sustainably produced products and increase our profitability at the same time by increasing the production of our own brands. This transaction supports our strategy perfectly.”

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