OMAHA, NEB. — Scoular’s women-focused employee resource group, Scoular Women Influencing Culture (SWIC), will host a free virtual conference for women in agribusiness pursuing career development and networking opportunities.

SWIC’s Perennial Leadership Symposium for Women in Agriculture will feature several industry-leading experts and speakers Sept. 8. Registration for the live event opens June 1 and will be limited to 400 participants.

Megan Belcher, chief legal and external affairs officer at Scoular and SWIC’s executive sponsor, said programs like this are important because, although women are graduating in near parity with men from relevant collegiate or other training programs in many relevant fields, they are not reaching leadership levels in agribusiness in the same numbers, with the percentage of women in leadership roles shrinking at each next incremental level.

“Scoular is not only interested in being the employer of choice for high-talent women in agribusiness, we are equally interested in lifting up all women in agriculture,” Belcher said. “Leadership at Scoular understands that there is a significant opportunity to bring low-cost, geographically accessible development opportunities to women in agriculture to help mitigate unconscious biases and narrow the representation gap, while also bringing our resources to bear to reduce or eliminate other potential hurdles. What better way to do that than to leverage our talent, our resources, and our networks to offer women in ag real and actionable development insights and tools as they dream a bigger dream for themselves, no matter where they work.”


About the conference

  • Open to women at any level in their career in agriculture and agribusiness, who aspire to grow and lead in new ways
  • Four sessions focused on individual and leadership development topics, with tangible take aways to help women unlock more of their career potential
  • Virtual setting to enable attendance from anywhere in the world
  • Programming run in sprints to enable pauses between attendance for workday demands
  • Opportunities for virtual speed networking to build industry relationships between sessions
  • Storytelling and insights from women leading across the supply chain in the agriculture industry

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