AUSTIN, TEXAS — Maev, a human-grade raw dog food brand, shared it has launched same-day delivery to pet parents in Austin beginning March 20. According to Maev, same-day delivery continues its mission to “shape a better future for canine wellness.”

Founded by Katie Spies in 2020, Maev offers nutrient-rich, minimally processed nutrition products for dogs. The brand’s products include complete-and-balanced foods, daily supplement bars that are reminiscent of human granola bars, bone broth toppers, and nutrition bundles for more personalized nutrition.

The brand also recently launched a new raw diet specifically designed for puppies. According to Spies, Maev is the first “better-for-you” pet food company to offer a life-stage specific formula.

“We originally just had an all-stages formula,” Spies shared exclusively with Pet Food Processing. “But we found that a lot of our customers were asking about puppy-specific nutrition, and whenever they would ask about puppy nutrition, we would hear a lot of commentary about how puppies have very specific nutritional needs relating to growth and development, cognition, vision, etc., because puppies are going through this very intensive portion of their life.”

Alongside its commitment to nutrition and dog health, Maev also strives to offer high convenience to pet parents. The brand’s formulas can be served straight from its packaging without the need for thawing and can now be delivered directly to Austin-based consumers within the same day of ordering.

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