PORTLAND, ORE. — Human-grade pet nutrition brand Portland Pet Food Company (PPFC) announced a new flavor of its Grain & Gluten-Free dog biscuits, expanding the product line. The company showcased the new biscuit flavor at Natural Products Expo West from March 7 to 11.

The new Apple & Mint dog biscuit is formulated with just five ingredients, similarly to the other flavors in PPFC’s Grain & Gluten-Free Biscuit line. The new flavor contains organic mint, garbanzo bean flour, pureed apples, peanut butter and parsley. The fresh ingredients are combined and then baked twice, offering dogs a crunchy, plant-based treat that can help freshen breath, reduce tartar and support digestion.

The biscuits have a crumbly texture, which can be easily broken into small pieces for aging dogs or those that have issues chewing. The treats also contain vitamins C and A, offering additional immune and bone health support.

“Our Grain & Gluten-Free Biscuits are great for all dogs including senior dogs, dogs with allergies and dogs on a grain-free diet,” said Katie McCarron, founder and top dog at PPFC. “We’re excited to expand the line to offer a new and refreshing plant-based treat made from all-natural local ingredients, providing dogs with benefits beyond just a great-tasting treat.”

The mint included in the Apple & Mint dog biscuits is sourced from Seely Mint Farm, a farm located in Oregon.

“We are honored to be working with Portland Pet Food Company — a brand that also strives to offer pure ingredients while prioritizing local suppliers with sustainable practices,” said Mike Seely, chief executive officer of Seely Mint. “As a third generation Oregon mint farmer, I am well aware of all the natural benefits of mint for both humans and pets, and we are thrilled to be part of Portland Pet Food Company’s newest line of award-winning dog treats.”

Like all other PPFC’s treats, the Apple & Mint biscuits are free from preservatives, GMOs, BHA, BHT and artificial colors. The new biscuit flavor is available online and will soon be available at pet specialty and natural grocery stores for $9.99.

PPFC will showcase the Apple & Mint treats during Global Pet Expo at Booth #1126 from March 22 to 24.

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