PHOENIX — Artie™ introduced its pre-portioned, artisan-inspired meals for dogs that can be made at home with the company’s countertop appliance. The company was selected as a winner of Purina’s Pet Care Innovation Prize (PCIP) earlier this month.

“We're incredibly pleased to receive the Pet Care Innovation Prize award from Purina,” said Scott Eller, co-founder at Artie. “This is a wonderful, and credible, validation of what we've brought to the pet food market with Artie, and we're more excited than a puppy at playtime to start delivering healthy, convenient and home-cooked meals for pets at the touch of a button.”

Artie’s dog meals are developed by board-certified veterinary nutritionists and formulated with a blend of freeze-dried and dehydrated meat, fruits, vegetables and grains. The meals arrive to consumers pre-portioned in recyclable shelf-stable cups. When placed into Artie’s countertop appliance, the food is gently cooked by a combination of steam and hot water.

As part of the Purina’s PCIP, Artie will compete alongside four other winners during Global Pet Expo 2023 for the grand prize of $25,000.

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