LOS ANGELES, CALIF. — On Feb. 20, Fera Pet Organics, a female-founded pet health company, launched two new supplements for dogs and cats: Calming Support and Liver Support. The products are formulated with strains of probiotics to support animal health and are backed by science, according to the company.

The new Calming Support supplement is a mix of neurotransmitters, organic botanicals and probiotics, which can help promote relaxation in pets. The probiotic strain in this specific supplement helps promote a balanced mood by supporting a pet’s gut-brain axis.

The new Liver Support supplement is formulated with milk thistle, turmeric and black pepper extract BioPerine™, as well as choline and organic botanicals. This supplement helps promote improved endurance and heart function and supports liver health and normal detoxification.

“As a veterinarian, acupuncturist and animal lover, I am so excited for our brand to expand our offerings of preventative pet supplements that have the highest amount of active ingredients on the market,” said Michelle Dulake, DVM, co-founder of Fera Pet Organics.

The new supplements further Fera Pet Organics’ mission to provide pet parents with functional and environmentally friendly products to support pet health and wellness.

Alongside the launch of the calming and liver supplements, the company announced it has received accreditation from the Pet Sustainability Coalition (PSC). Fera Pet Organics has also joined PSC’s Packaging Pledge, a program that helps pet and pet food companies advance their efforts toward recyclable, reusable and compostable packaging.

“On the heels of our new accreditation from the PSC, we are honored to support pets and the planet by marrying eastern and western ingredients in our products that promote a long, happy, and harmonious life,” Dulake said.

Fera Pet Organics’ new supplements are available for $28.95 via Amazon and Fera Pet Organics’ e-commerce platform, as well as select pet stores.

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