MARKHAM, ONTARIO — Canadian pet specialty retailer Pet Valu recently detailed a significant donation of $1.6 million worth of its premium brand of dog and cat food, called Performatrin. The retailer donated more than 335,000 lbs, over 33,000 bags of kibble, to many animal welfare organizations throughout Canada, including Ontario SPCA, Food Banks Alberta, BC SPCA, Animal Food Bank and Wild West Animal League.

“A food donation of this magnitude has an enormous impact,” said Jennifer Bluhm, vice president of community outreach services at Ontario SPCA and Humane Society. “In addition to ensuring thousands of pets will not go hungry for months to come, we can now re-direct the funds that we'd set aside for food to other areas of need.

“At a time when the rising cost of living is making it difficult for some pet lovers to feed, and even keep, their pets, this contribution will help ensure pets can stay with the families who love them and enable us to provide better support to the animals in our care,” Bluhm added.

To distribute the pet food, Pet Valu will ship pallets of its Performatrin brand from warehouses in Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver to the animal welfare organizations, which will then distribute the food to its rescue partners, food banks and communities in need throughout western Canada.

Available exclusively at Pet Valu, the Performatrin portfolio consists of various pet food lines, including Performatrin Prime, Performatrin Naturals, Performatrin Ultra and Performatrin Ultra Limited, offering a range of quality products to support a pet’s individual nutritional and dietary needs. The Performatrin line boasts grain-free and grain-inclusive recipes, limited-ingredient diets, and others in freeze-dried raw, dry and wet formats. The line also offers treats.

“We are very excited to be rebranding our award-winning Performatrin lineup to Performatrin Prime, which offers the same quality food with new and improved packaging,” said Kendalee MacKay, chief merchandising officer at Pet Valu. “This carefully planned transition presented a unique opportunity to donate our remaining stock of Performatrin, while continuing to deliver a great experience to our customers. We are thrilled to continue our support for local pet shelter and rescue facilities across Canada by providing additional nutritional aid to pets and devoted pet lovers in need.”

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