FAIRFIELD, CALIF. — Primal Pet Foods launched a new sous-vide style line of pet food, called Gently Cooked, on Feb. 1. The refrigerated/frozen line features six complete-and-balanced diets, four for dogs and two for cats.

According to Primal Pet Foods, it was prompted to launch the new line following increased growth in the refrigerated/frozen pet food segment.

“The frozen and refrigerated pet food category has experienced double-digit growth over the last year, and we expect that trend will continue to drive growth in the neighborhood pet channel in the year ahead,” said Matt Pirz, president of Primal Pet Foods. “We’ve long believed that partnering with local pet stores and their knowledgeable associates is the best way we can properly educate consumers about the benefits of an innovative new product like Gently Cooked.”

Ian Butler, external supply chain manager at Primal Pet FoodsIan Butler, external supply chain manager at Primal Pet Foods. (Source: Primal Pet Foods)

The new Gently Cooked pet foods are produced using a sous-vide style cooking method, which cooks the food slowly at a low, strictly controlled temperature to help preserve nutrients. Formulated with fresh, high-quality ingredients, as well as vitamins and minerals, the meals are vacuum sealed in food grade pouches, then placed in a warm water bath for many hours to cook. This cooking method helps to ensure that the food is highly palatable to dogs and cats, according to Primal.

“We chose the sous-vide cooking method because it helps maintain the integrity and bioavailability of nutrients in every ingredient,” said James Templeman, Ph.D., companion animal nutritionist at Primal Pet Foods. “By cooking at a precise and controlled low temperature, we can retain the moisture, flavor, texture and aroma of the food.”

The diets can serve as a complete-and-balanced meal or as a topper. For dogs, the line includes four recipes: Chicken & Squash, Beef & Carrot, and Fish & Kale for adult dogs, and Chicken & Salmon for puppies. For cats, the line includes two recipes: Chicken and Fish & Beef. The line also includes variety packs for dogs and cats.

Primal Pet Foods’ Gently Cooked meals are individually packaged in 4-oz pouches. The meals will be distributed throughout the United States and Canada through exclusive partnerships with distributors ADMC, Animal Supply Company (ASC), Frontier, Fauna, Gen Pet, Middle East, Newco, Pet Food Experts, Southeast Pet, Sunburst, Pan Pacific Pet, Leis and Avafina.

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