AMARILLO, TEXAS — Canyon Rim Consulting, LLC announced late December it had joined the Oracle NetSuite Solution Provider Program, through which the company will leverage cloud enterprise resource management (ERP) capabilities to provide its food manufacturing clients with more modern control over their processes, data and supply chains.

Canyon Rim Consulting was founded in 2021 by several core members of Merrick Pet Care’s former information technology (IT) team. Wayne Freeman, foundational architect at Canyon Rim, worked with Merrick for more than 15 years as IT director. Now, he and his team are translating that experience to bring business intelligence solutions such as automation, data analytics, and other technology services to the CPG and manufacturing industries — including pet food and treat processors.

“The past few years brought disruptive change, and many organizations are seeking modern, cloud-based systems that can provide greater flexibility to help during challenging times,” Freeman said. “We are excited to partner with NetSuite to expand our portfolio of services and further strengthen Canyon Rim’s manufacturing and supply chain expertise. NetSuite’s integrated business system will allow our customers to improve visibility into data across the organization, increase efficiency, and address industry challenges.”

As a member of the NetSuite Solution Provider Program, Canyon Rim will now implement and tailor NetSuite offerings to its CPG and manufacturing clients. The company will gain access to NetSuite’s full-service portfolio of enablement and entitlement activities, through which clients can leverage ERP, human resource management (HRM), inventory management, customer relationship management (CRM) and e-commerce tools, as well as “unlock new revenue opportunities,” according to the companies.

“A lot of small businesses — and even larger businesses — struggle with planning, especially in this economy,” Freeman told Pet Food Processing. “There is so much pressure being placed upon the supply chain. We have found a good footing with our customers by helping them understand their costs, the impacts of price increases with raw materials, plan better with their existing systems and, in some cases, bring in new systems to help them plan.”

Canyon Rim has also joined the NetSuite SuiteLife initiative, through which it will benefit from accelerated onboarding, several levels of support and engagement, and NetSuite’s best practices.

“We are pleased to welcome Canyon Rim to our Solution Provider Program and SuiteLife initiative,” said Craig West, vice president of channel sales and alliances at Oracle NetSuite. “We look forward to working with the team at Canyon Rim to combine their industry expertise with our robust suite of technologies to help it create new revenue opportunities and accelerate growth while achieving mutual success for our customers.”

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