MEXICO CITY — Pet’s Table, a direct-to-consumer (DTC) pet food company, closed its seed round on Nov. 11, raising $2 million in investments. The company plans to use the funds to scale its infrastructure and team.

The seed round was led by Left Lane Capital and received participation from Goodwater Capital.

Pet’s Table was founded in 2020 by Jorge Salas, chief executive officer, Luis Vollbracht, chief technology officer, Camila Gonzalez, chief operating officer, and Rafael Gonzalez, customer satisfaction lead. According to the co-founders, they created Pet’s Table after struggling to find healthy food for their dogs in Mexico.

For the past two years, Pet’s Table’s co-founders have conducted extensive research and testing on its products, using their own dogs. The company received aid from a pet nutritionist to develop its human-grade formulas.

“Dog owners in Latin America are increasingly becoming more conscious of what goes into the food of their dogs,” Salas said. “They are looking for healthier options that will enable their dogs to live a longer and more fulfilling life. Pet's Table is filling that gap. Shortly after switching to Pet's Table, dog owners begin to see changes in their dog.”

Pet’s Table’s products currently include complete-and-balanced fresh dog food and natural dog treats. The company’s dog food is available through a subscription and its treats are available as a standalone purchase or as part of a subscription.

“Having served more than 300,000 meals to thousands of dogs in Mexico and having an NPS [net promoter score] of 98, Pet's Table is always listening to its clients, in other for its product to fulfill the needs of its customers and we are thrilled that this financing will enable us to scale in order to serve the needs of millions of dog owners and dogs in Mexico and Latin America,” Camila Gonzalez said.

Alongside its human-grade products, Pet’s Table also offers its customers a more personalized experience, according to the company. Using a data-driven approach, the company proactively seeks ways to make its products more convenient to consumers. According to Pet’s Table, it will continue to this data-drive approach as it continues to grow.

The company plans to use the funding raised from its seed round to grow within the Latin American pet food market, hoping to expand into other countries within the coming year. Pet’s Table will also leverage support from Left Lane Capital and its experience in DTC to expand “quickly” in Mexico.

“The trend in pet humanization is not country or culture-specific, it's a global phenomenon — and its increasing demand for human-grade pet food everywhere,” said Jason Fiedler, managing partner at Left Lane Capital. “We've already seen the leading direct to consumer subscription brands in various markets build very big businesses quickly, and we identified Pet's Table as the clear and early leader in Mexico. We are excited to help them further establish and accelerate that position.”

As well as scaling its business, Pet’s Table also hopes to offer more pet wellness products and services in the future.

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