IRVING, TEXAS — Darling Ingredients Inc. on Jan. 31 completed its acquisition of Polish rendering company Miropasz Group in a deal that was first announced in November 2022. Darling Ingredients put up €110 million (currently $118.1 million USD), dependent on closing costs.

"As Poland continues to take a pivotal role in poultry production to feed our world, Darling Ingredients is committed to providing essential services as our customers grow," said Randall C. Stuewe, chairman and chief executive officer of Darling Ingredients. "This acquisition seamlessly integrates with Darling's existing three plants in central and western Poland and underscores our dedication to expanding our worldwide supply of low-carbon feedstocks."

Miropasz processes poultry byproducts to develop fat and other ingredients for use in animal feed and pet food products. The company currently processes about 250,000 metric tons (about 275,578 tons) of byproducts yearly, operates three rendering plants in Mirowice, Pszczonow and Krasnystaw, Poland, where it employs roughly 225 employees.

The company’s ingredients include duck meal and poultry meal with varying ash levels.

“As the No. 1 poultry producer in Europe, Poland plays a significant role in feeding the world,” Stuewe, said when the acquisition was first announced in November 2022. “We believe meat production in Poland will continue to grow, and this acquisition provides a nice bolt-on to Darling's existing three plants in central and western Poland and once again displays our commitment toward building out our global supply for low-carbon feedstocks.”

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