LONDON — New pet treat brand BONKERS officially hit retail shelves in the United Kingdom on Oct. 18. The brand offers low-calorie treats for dogs and cats.

BONKERS is the second pet brand created by Rhodes Pet Science, a subsidiary of The ZURU Group.

According to a study by the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association (PFMA), COVID-19 has accelerated pet ownership throughout the United Kingdom with Millennials representing the largest growth driver. As pet ownership shifted, so did the sentiments of pet owners, with pet parents becoming more interested in forging a bond with their furry companions. With this in mind, BONKERS was created to help deepen the bond between people and their pets.

“Millennials and Gen Z are redefining the owner-pet relationship: their pets are more humanized than ever, parented and pampered,” said Anna Tompkins, head of marketing at BONKERS. “No longer 'just animals,' they are fur-babies, integral to the family.

“Pets bring so much joy to people's lives, which is why our mantra is ‘better when it's BONKERS,’” Tompkins added. “We want to help pet parents celebrate the unique personalities of their pets and we can't wait for cats and dogs across the UK to try our delicious treats.”

BONKERS treats contain a crunchy outer shell filled with a gooey center, providing pets with texture and highly palatable flavor. Developed in collaboration with animal nutritionists, the treats are formulated with high-quality proteins and are free from wheat, soy, artificial colors and flavors.

For cats, BONKERS treats are available in five flavors: Salmon Supreme, Paw Lickin’ Chicken, Seafood & Eat It!, Bangin’ Beef and Catnip, Chick ‘N’ Cheddar. The cat treats contain fewer than 2 calories pet treat.

For dogs, BONKERS treats are available in three flavors: Beef Lovers, Chicken Chomps and Bacon Bitties. The dog treats contain fewer than 5 calories per treat.

BONKERS treats are available at Sainsbury’s retail locations throughout the United Kingdom, with prices starting at £1.20 ($1.35 USD).  

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