OULU, FINLAND — Manufacturer of food inspection technologies Mekitec debuted its new remote service, MEKI™️ Remote Care, that can help increase efficiency and reduce food waste. The remote service provides processors with more accurate detection.

MEKI Remote Care optimizes the company’s existing x-ray inspection equipment, including its pet food equipment, providing operators with recommendations to reduce false rejects and costs, and offering equipment performance analyses.

“Making the data of primary packaged food products available to our customers was the first step toward improving traceability,” said Juho Ojuva, vice president of commercial operations at Mekitec. “Now, we make that information available over a secure network for new purposes like the inspection performance analysis.”

The new service also offers Mekitec customers proactive and preventative equipment maintenance by servicing and optimizing detection remotely, further reducing costs and allowing processors to focus less on equipment maintenance.

Users of MEKI Remote Care will also have access to MEKI™️ Data Manager, providing processors with expanded traceability and reporting tools via remote operations, as well as eliminating the need for paper reports and reducing human error. The remote care service is protected with encryption.

According to Mekitec, the MEKI Remote Care service is part of its commitment to offering customers high-quality performance and value.

“The development possibilities for new and improved services and purposes are nearly limitless when there are multiple data points in the same production facility gathering information of primary packaged products,” Ojuva said.

As well as the new remote care service, Mekitec offers several inspection systems for pet food processors under its MEKI, MIDMEKI and COMBIMEKI lines, which are available in various footprints and suited for small- to medium-sized packaged food products. The x-ray equipment can detect overall food quality, integrity, fill level, form and shape, as well as foreign objects.

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