KANSAS CITY, MO. — Sosland Publishing, parent company of Pet Food Processing, has named Mike Gude group publisher for Baking & Snack, Milling & Baking News and Food Business News, sister publications of Pet Food Processing. James Boddicker has been promoted to publisher of Baking & Snack, effective immediately.

As group publisher, Gude will oversee Food Business News, Milling & Baking News and Baking & Snack and provide guidance from his wealth of career experience in the baking and broader food industries. Gude’s established presence in the industry and long-standing relationships continue to provide each of these publications a firm foundation, one that he will continue to strengthen in his new role by focusing on maintaining and growing relationships with Sosland Publishing’s readers, advertisers and key stakeholders across the food industry.  

As publisher for Baking & Snack, Boddicker will work closely with its marketing partners to better engage the baking industry to support their marketing strategies and goals. In his new role, he will be collaborating with Charlotte Atchley, editor of Baking & Snack, developing new products that will build upon the high-quality print and digital content that makes Baking & Snack the indispensable source of information for the baking industry.

“This is an exciting time for Sosland Publishing, and Mike and James are each a very important part of that,” said Meyer Sosland, chief operating officer and executive editor for Sosland Publishing. “Mike Gude has been a part of Baking & Snack since its inception and will continue to work with James and the rest of the marketing and editorial teams to create the next generation of products and services that marketers in our industry have come to expect from Sosland Publishing. While developing strong relationships among the baking industry’s current and rising leadership, James has been at the forefront of identifying new opportunities for Baking & Snack and our marketing partners.”

“Since joining Sosland Publishing, James has demonstrated a passion for the baking industry that will serve him well in his new role as Baking & Snack’s publisher,” Gude said. “Industry involvement has been a cornerstone of the Sosland philosophy for over 100 years, and it’s exciting to see James continuing that tradition.”

Boddicker joined Sosland Publishing in 2016, and previously served as associate publisher and national sales manager of Baking & Snack. Prior to those roles, Boddicker supported bake and Supermarket Perimeter as national sales manager. He is a board member of the Allied Trades of the Baking Industry, president of the Midwest Allied Trades of the Baking Industry, is currently serving on the BEMA convention planning committee and is a member of the American Society of Baking. As the next generation of leadership for Baking & Snack, Boddicker is well-positioned to meet the changing needs of B2B media for the baking industry.

“In addition to internal transitions, we are seeing a transition in how our audiences consume content and how our marketing partners seek to reach their existing and prospective customers,” Sosland said. “Our marketing partners are seeking new ways to reach their existing and potential customers through an increasingly complex set of marketing solutions. James understands this and that Sosland Publishing has the content that has the attention of the baking industry. Through serving the readers, we serve our advertisers. By investing in its content, Baking & Snack has built the audience that our marketing partners want and need to reach to realize successful marketing efforts.”

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