HEERLEN, THE NETHERLANDS — Royal DSM announced the completion of its acquisition of Prodap, an animal nutrition technology company. According to DSM, the acquisition strengthens its digital solutions, enabling it to reach more global markets.

DSM announced it had reached an agreement to acquire the Brazilian company in June.

Prodap provides technology solutions, consulting services and customized nutrition solutions to help increase efficiency and sustainability for animal farmers. Based in Belo-Horizonte, Brazil, the company offers several digital solutions, which collect data and create real-time insights for farmers to use in the development of nutritional solutions.

“We are delighted to have found a company like DSM that sincerely shares our purpose on transforming the livestock worldwide and vision of adopting the new technologies essential to achieving sustainable and efficient farming,” said Leonardo Sá, chief executive officer of Prodap. “We look forward to accelerating the expansion of these new technologies in the industry, together with DSM.”

Prodap has operations in Mato Grosso and Minas Gerais, employing 330 people and serving more than 5,000 farms throughout Brazil.

Through the acquisition, DSM will leverage Prodap’s technology solutions to further its capabilities in animal farming precision and personalization. The company will use artificial intelligence and Prodap’s tools to enable farmers to make smarter nutritional decisions, expanding upon DSM’s extensive animal nutrition expertise.

According to DSM, the acquisition not only expands its capabilities but also strengthens its commitment to the environment through more efficient farming. As part of its 2021 food system commitments, DSM hopes to achieve double-digit reductions of on-farm livestock emissions by 2030.

“The need for sustainable animal farming has never been greater or more urgent,” said Ivo Lansbergen, executive vice president of DSM. “Precision nutrition is a key pathway to improving the efficiency and sustainability of animal farming, creating value for a range of stakeholders, including farmers and society at large. As such, I’m delighted that we’re joining forces with Prodap to deliver precision farming solutions to our customers, which will contribute to more sustainable animal farming for all. Together, we make it possible.”

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