NEW YORK — Better Choice Company announced a significant donation to Greater Good Charities. The company donated about $150,000 of pet food.

According to Better Choice Company, the efficiency of its supply chain allowed it to support the donation despite the supply chain challenges heavily impacting the industry at large. The company donated nearly 65,000 lbs of dry and wet cat and dog food from its Halo Pets brand.

“We’ve partnered with Greater Good Charities for many years and are proud to support their efforts in times of need,” said Scott Lerner, chief executive officer of Better Choice Company. “When our industry experiences supply chain challenges, shelters are often the first impacted, so we felt that this was the right time to act.”

Greater Good Charities is a global nonprofit that strives to support people, pets and the planet. The nonprofit has recently focused its efforts on Ukraine, striving to support those impacted by Russia’s invasion of the country and supporting pet food manufacturer Kormotech’s Save the Pets of Ukraine initiative.

Better Choice Company’s donation follows significant sales growth in the second quarter and its subsequent relaunch of Halo Holistic.

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