SEWARD, NEB. — Petsource by Scoular recently appointed John Pawlowski to vice president of marketing. According to Scoular, Pawlowski’s appointment follows its goal to offer its customers further innovation as a response to consumer trends.

Pawlowski has extensive experience in marketing and leading company growth, which Scoular will utilize as it continues to expand its Petsource operation.

“With this new role and John’s experience in consumer listening and innovation, we’re sending a clear message to the market that we’re ramping up our ability to serve our customers better,” said Amy Patterson, president of Petsource. “If we’re going to be a true partner in end-to-end services as we claim, we need to move further upstream in our ability to provide meaningful insights derived from the end user so that we can build product and ingredient innovation in a more purposeful manner.”

Prior to joining Petsource, Pawlowski spent more than a decade in CPG brand management, serving many well-known human food brands such as Congra Brands and Bellisio Foods. At Petsource, he will help the company expand its capabilities and develop clear marketing and innovation strategies using consumer insights.

“I’ve always taken the responsibility to feed our family members very seriously,” Pawlowski said. “And whether those members walk on two legs or four, they deserve our best efforts to serve their needs.”

Pawlowski’s appointment follows Petsource’s announcement of a $75 million expansion of its facility in Seward, that will triple its production capacity in the freeze-dried pet food segment. Though the freeze-dried market represents a small share of the pet food industry, according to Petsource, it’s a market that shows significant potential.

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