OVERLAND PARK, KAN. — ZIWI USA announced its dedication to sustainability by joining the Pet Sustainability Coalition (PSC) as a Guardian-level member.

According to the pet nutrition company, it has long been committed to sustainability by using ethically and sustainably sourced ingredients, and partnering with suppliers and farmers that use free-range practices.

“With this membership to the PSC, ZIWI is guided by the coalition, being informed, inspired, and accelerated in our sustainability journey,” the company stated. “This provides us with a wealth of resources to implement into our practices alongside performance assessments and recommendations so we may chart our sustainability roadmap and visualize the progress we are making.”

ZIWI has also implemented several sustainable initiatives in its new facility in New Zealand. The super-kitchen features recycled and reclaimed wood furnishings, water collection systems, solar panels and more. The facility also includes innovative technology to clean and purify the air from its air dryers, reducing contaminants. The company also strives to give back to the environment by planting native foliage near its facility to aid in the repopulation of endangered wildlife.

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