NEW YORK — On Aug. 10, retail technology company Fabric announced its partnership with Mellow Premium, a Canadian pet dental treat manufacturer. The two companies will collaborate to launch Mellow’s premium, organic pet chews into the e-commerce pet care market in the United States.

Founded in 2020, Mellow manufactures products to help improve oral hygiene in dogs. The company’s chews are formulated using high quality, natural ingredients, like Himalayan yak cheese. Mellow’s treats are high in protein and, according to the company, last longer than traditional rawhide without the use of preservatives or binding agents.

Mellow’s products include chews and bully sticks for a variety of dog sizes, from puppies to extra-large breeds.  

With headquarters in New York, Fabric will use its innovative fulfillment technology to help Mellow quickly launch and deliver the new chews directly to consumers. Fabric partners with brands to provide reduced operational costs and aid in faster lead and delivery times to help companies with their growth.

“Mellow is an ideal brand for this new era of commerce,” said Avi “Jack” Jacoby, chief executive officer of Fabric. “By improving their fulfillment operations, they’ll be able to boost profitability, sustainably deliver their treats and future-proof their supply chain.”

With e-commerce only growing in popularity, cited by both NielsenIQ and Pattern, many companies are looking to grow their presence in the thriving space only to be hindered by shipping expectations from consumers accustomed to same-day deliveries and free shipping incentives offered by retail giants like Amazon.

According to Fabric, most consumers cited free shipping and fast delivery as non-negotiables when it comes to shopping online. The company’s survey reported that 61% of consumers expect free next-day shipping, with 52% of those expecting the incentive with a purchase of at least $40.

Smaller pet food brands may struggle to meet these demands, both financially and logistically, according to Fabric, allowing large retail giants to continue to dominate the e-commerce space.

“Fabric’s platform lets us fulfill and ship our treats faster than we ever have before and gives us a more accurate look at our inventory so that we can continue to exceed our customers’ expectations,” said Ajay Gaikwad, founder of Mellow. “By starting in New York, we can understand the needs of our American customers and be better prepared for our nationwide rollout.”

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