OTTAWA, ONTARIO — Avivagen, Inc., a manufacturer of human and animal health products, announced several expansions within Taiwan and Mexico. The company has received two large sales orders for its Vivamune pet supplement product from Taiwan and Mexico and formed a new manufacturing partnership.

A Taiwan-based distributor has ordered 1,500 units of Avivagen’s Vivamune product, representing the company’s largest single order to date. The Vivamune dog supplement chews are formulated with OxC-beta™ Compound to help support joint, skin and digestive health. According to Avivagen, the order represents increased awareness of the benefits of OxC-beta within the Taiwanese pet market.

A Mexican company has also placed a 500-unit order or Vivamune, following Avivagen’s study of the chews and their benefits on livestock and pets. Also in Mexico, Avivagen has formed a partnership with an independent distributor for 4,000 units of a new white-labeled product.

“We are seeing great interest and opportunity for Avivagen in the companion animal market today,” said Kym Anthony, chief executive officer of Avivagen. “These new sales and customer wins in key markets like Taiwan and Mexico follow sales in Canada and the United States, and are clear signs of the growing demand for our companion animal product as an important part of promoting pet health. We are excited to be expanding our customer base and recurring business in these areas.”

The company also detailed a significant order of 1.2 tons of OxC-beta™ Livestock from AB Vista for use in Brazil. According to Avivagen, AB Vista will use the product for poultry and cattle applications.

OxC-beta compoundsAvivagen makes OxC-beta compounds by exposing pure β-carotene to oxygen. (Source: Avivagen)

The company’s OxC-beta proprietary product is formulated for livestock and can serve as an alternative to common antibiotics traditionally added to feed. According to Avivagen’s research, OxC-beta has proven to be as effective, and sometimes more effective, compared to other antibiotics.

“We are excited to be making further inroads into one of the world’s largest feed production markets,” Anthony said. “The large size of this order is a testament to the growing demand for safe and effective alternatives to antibiotics, and the market opportunity for our products. We expect this important relationship with AB Vista will continue to play a significant role in the increased adoption and use of OxC-beta to promote animal health and growth in livestock throughout the Americas.”

Currently, AB Vista is Avivagen’s exclusive distribution partner of OxC-beta Livestock throughout the United States, Brazil and Thailand.

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