COLOGNE, GERMANY — Leybold, a manufacturer of vacuum solutions for a variety of industries, announced the development of a new vacuum system: VARODRY VDi. The system features integrated VAControl CAB controls and offers smart management for pumping processes.

According to Leybold, industry processors, including those in human and pet food markets, rely on vacuums with high pumping speeds that also provide room for flexibility.

"In concrete terms, users today expect dry, flexible vacuum solutions with a high pumping speed,” said Dennis Schröder, product manager at Leybold. “Therefore, quick and uncomplicated adjustment possibilities of the vacuum performance to the respective process conditions are necessary.”

Equipped with Leybold’s air-cooled and oil-free screw pumps, dry-compressing Roots pumps from its RUVAC line, and smart controls, the VARODRY VDi can provide processors with high pumping speeds and additional flexibility in vacuuming processes.

The vacuuming system also help processors maintain their profitability and sustainability goals, as the system’s energy and resource consumption is relatively low and can easily be calculated. The VARODRY VDi can be configured to specific requirements, including vacuum capacity and pumping speed.

To ensure longevity, the system can be equipped with an additional gas ballast, as well as purge gas, which can protect it from critical gasses and particles. In environments with heavy steam or dust, VARODRY systems can also be customized with innovative filter options and an Energy Saver Kit for further energy-saving benefits.

Leybold’s VAControl CAB system incorporated into the VARODRY offers innovative software functionality and the ability to choose between local, remote or cloud connectivity. The software also offers user-friendly customization and authorization levels for easier operation.

While in operation, the VARODRY VDi records and stores all pump data, which can be viewed at any time to provide processors with complete transparency and help ensure production quality. The system also offers maintenance and service recommendations, customized to the usage of the vacuum, some of which can be completed by operators. Leybold also offers a variety of software updates to ensure the vacuum’s high quality.

“The software updates are available for download from Leybold,” Schröder said. “Many additional software options are planned for the future.”

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