ST. LOUIS — Whitebridge Pet Brands has unveiled a new logo to signify its merger with Agras Pet Foods. The two companies originally announced their merger in April 2022 and now operate under the name Whitebridge Pet Brands.

The new corporate logo combines the former logos of both Whitebridge and Agras, featuring Whitebridge’s name with Agras’ brand colors and layout.

“It’s really all about the pets, so an important consideration for me was the incorporation of both a dog and cat silhouette into the new logo,” said Matt Grant, graphic designer at Whitebridge.

The merger of Agras was Whitebridge’s first step in building a global natural pet health and nutrition company. According to Whitebridge, Agras’ Schesir dog and cat food brand is a perfect complement to its existing pet food lines, including Tiki Pets, Cloud Star, Dogswell, Crazy Dog, Pet Botanics and Grizzly. With the acquisition, Whitebridge now boasts four production facilities and a presence in more than 50 countries.

“Whitebridge’s philosophy has always been ‘Better Together,’” said Ann Hudson, vice president of marketing of Whitebridge Pet Brands. “The merger with Agras, which shares our mission of delivering natural and minimally processed pet food takes the synergies of working together to a whole new level. New global capabilities for innovation, expanded distribution and growth, allow us to fulfill our promise of keeping pets happy and healthy, thereby doing the same for their people.”

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