KANSAS CITY, MO. — On July 20, CRB announced the appointment of Valerie Silva to director of procurement. Silva has extensive experience in procurement, specifically in cost optimization, project management and supply chains issues within a variety of industries.

In her new role with CRB, Silva will work with the company’s Global Technical Operations team, which serves the food and beverage and life sciences industries, including pet food. Silva has experience helping large companies and organizations develop and implement cost-saving strategies and negotiating international supply agreements.

She also has experience in speed-to-market success and risk management, which is particularly important to CRB and its customers. According to the company, many of its customers in manufacturing cite speed to market and risk management as significant factors in their strategies.

“We are focused more than ever on working with clients to overcome these challenges, and Valerie’s expertise will provide tremendous value to clients and our internal teams as we grow our procurement and risk management capabilities,” said Mike Barrett, vice president of Project Delivery Services at CRB.

At CRB, Silva will also aid in the company’s Supply Chain Risk Management programs to mitigate supply chain issues and challenges. She will work closely with the company’s Life Science and Food & Beverage partners to create a more robust supplier program, increasing its diversity and CRB’s commitment to sustainable practices.

“By driving consistent, industry best practices and processes globally, we can maximize the strategic impact of procurement and unlock additional value for our clients,” Silva said.

Silva has a master’s in business administration with a supply chain concentration from the University of South Carolina and has a bachelor’s in pre-law from Michigan State University.

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