SYDNEY — Sustainable packaging supplier Grounded Packaging launched its new sustainable line: RE: MONO. The line offers recyclable, flexible packaging solutions that are food-contact safe.

According to Grounded Packaging, the RE: MONO line contains 83% post-consumer recycled (PCR) content, the highest volume of PCR content available throughout the globe for food-safe pouches and other flexible packaging solutions.

“We are excited to be launching our mono-material product, RE: MONO, an alternative to the plastic that is an indispensable packaging material for most food producers and retailers,” said Ben Grant, co-founder of Grounded Packaging.

With food manufacturers becoming increasingly invested in sustainability efforts, Grounded Packaging was determined to do its part and aid in the reduction of virgin plastic packaging. According to data from Statista, almost 40% of plastic produced in 2020 was used for food and drink packaging and most of the packaging was often single use.

The RE: MONO line can serve as a replacement to traditional plastic packaging, that are often non-recyclable and, as a result, fill up landfills and harm the environment. According to Grounded Packaging, RE: MONO packaging can help reduce environmental impact by 57% compared to virgin plastic packaging.

The mono-material packaging is made from recycled plastic, like milk bottles and plastic bags, used to create low-density polyethylene. As well as recyclability, RE: MONO packaging also provides flexibility and functionality for a variety of food products, including alternative proteins, dry goods, pet food and more.

RE: MONO packaging is part of Grounded Packaging’s sustainability initiatives. The company is also determined to remove 4 million kg (more than 8 million lbs) of ocean-bound plastics by the end of this year.

“The packaging we’re launching today has been deemed unattainable by other flexible packaging manufacturers, and we look forward to bringing to market more sustainable products like RE: MONO that are helping consumers and brands join the fight against the climate crisis,” Grant said.

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