PITTSBURGH — On June 28, Tailored® Pet released two new pet food products — Daily Supplement Bites and Freeze-Dried Raw Mixers. Both products are specifically formulated for dogs and were designed to provide additional convenience to pet parents during their busy summer schedules.

“As moms ourselves, we understand how fun-filled and busy summer can be,” said Annina Silverman, chief marketing officer of Tailored Pet. “Between family vacations, summer camps and playdates, it can be difficult to keep the family’s wellness routines consistent, and often the family pup quickly falls to the bottom of the list.

Tailored Pet's new Daily Supplement BitesTailored Pet's mobility dog supplements are formulated with veterinarian recommendations. (Source: Tailored Pet)“We’re excited to expand our product lines to offer these new veterinarian-approved products specially designed to work together as part of a routine to help dogs live their heathiest, happiest lives,” Silverman added.  “What’s more, they can be easily bundled together as part of a subscription box to make setting their routine as simple as possible.”

Tailored Pet’s new Daily Supplement Bites are formulated based on veterinarian recommendations and contain glucosamine and chondroitin to support hip and joint health in dogs, aiding in overall mobility and flexibility and helping reduce joint inflammation. The supplements can be added to a pet parent’s Tailored pet food subscription for $26.

“We’re so excited to add supplements to our comprehensive line of products designed to help pups live full and healthy lives,” Silverman said.  “These mobility supplements are great for dogs of all ages, specifically senior and large breed pooches that are prone to hip and joint issues.”

Tailored Pet also introduced its new Freeze-Dried Raw Mixers, a line of bites made with single-sourced animal proteins. The nutrient-dense bites are formulated with beef liver or chicken and can be added to a dog’s existing meal as a topper or served as a training or regular treat.

Tailored Pet's Freeze-Dried Raw MixersTailored Pet's freeze-dried raw mixers can be served as a topper or treat. (Source: Tailored Pet)

To create the freeze-dried bites, Tailored Pet uses a special process that preserves raw whole food and eliminates any pathogens to ensure food safety. The line is available through the company’s e-commerce platform, as well as on Amazon.

“These new items join our comprehensive suite of wellness products, which also include our Natural Dental Chews, which are designed with a vet-recommended texture to fight plaque and tartar, and parsley to help freshen breath, as well as our Soft and Chewy Real Meat Treats, tailored with benefits for puppy, adult and senior pooches,” Silverman said.

In conjunction with the release of two new products, Tailored Pet also detailed a limited-time summer discount, which began June 28. New subscribers can save 60% off their first bag of personalized dog food with the code USA60 and receive a free tennis ball and biodegradable bamboo food scooper.

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