SAN FRANCISCO — A new brand in the premium pet food space is staking its claim on low-mercury fish proteins. Pure Cravings, a cat food brand incorporating tuna, salmon, sardine and mackerel into its grain-free and non-GMO formulas, has developed a proprietary rapid method of testing every fish in its protein supply against strict mercury limits.

“Mercury levels in fish can vary widely,” said Sean Wittenberg, co-founder of Pure Cravings. “Two identical tuna of the same species and size can vary in mercury up to 10 times. The only way to protect cats from mercury variance is to test every single tuna and salmon, and every catch of sardines and mackerel.

“Pure Cravings’ mercury-testing technology sets a new, unmatched standard for the pet food industry,” he added. “Pure Cravings is the only brand to test each and every can of cat food to a strict mercury-limit.”

The company tests every tuna and salmon and every catch of sardine and mackerel to determine if mercury levels are safe for felines. According to the company, 0.07 ppm of mercury is considered safe for small animals and falls “far below” the average mercury levels found in other fish-based cat foods on today’s market.  

High mercury levels in the body can lead to a variety of adverse health conditions, including hyperthyroidism and kidney failure, in both pets and humans. The company’s proprietary mercury-testing technology, which has been certified by AOAC International, aims to address this.

“Now for the first time, cat owners have a premium gourmet pet food option that is made with human-grade fish and the finest ingredients and comes with the added confidence of industry-validated mercury testing,” said Bryan Boches, co-founder of Pure Cravings.

After founding Safe Catch, a brand of tuna and salmon products for humans that uses the same proprietary technology, Wittenberg and Boches saw an opportunity to expand its unique capabilities into the cat food space.

“Our pets are family, and we want them to live long and vibrant lives with pure food,” Boches said.

The new cat food brand showcased its portfolio at Global Pet Expo 2022 and was awarded Best in Show in the cat category of the New Product Showcase.

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