GREEN BAY, WIS. — Carnivore Meat Company, a manufacturer of frozen and freeze-dried pet foods and treats, appointed Brett Simmons to director of operations on June 13. Simmons has been with Carnivore for 16 years.

At Carnivore, Simmons was originally a production floor laborer and has served in a variety of operational roles at the company, including production supervisor and plant manager. During his career, Simmons helped increase Carnivore’s annual revenue, serving an important role in the company’s growth.

“Brett was instrumental in the design and construction of our custom freeze-dryers, and has been involved in all of our projects,” said Brian Lakari, vice president of operations. “It’s impossible to overstate the impact Brett has had on making this company what it is today.”

Simmons has also aided in plant start-ups, company expansions and oversaw equipment and raw material procurement. In 2017, Simmons received Pet Age’s Forty Under 40 Icon Award for his devotion to the pet industry.

“I enjoy the people and the relationships that have been built over the years,” Simmons said. “We’ve built a culture and a team that is by far the most unique group of hardworking people I have been around. We are truly like a family here.”

The appointment follows several Carnivore expansions, including a partnership with Arbor Investments and the purchase of a new facility, increasing its freeze-dried operations.

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