SINGAPORE — Kemin Industries launched two new antimicrobial, disinfectant solutions in Asia on June 1. The KEEPER™ and OXINE™ solutions can be used to treat food, water and food-contact surfaces, including processing equipment and food production environments.

The chlorine-dioxide-based solutions were debuted by Kemin’s Food Technologies – Asia division this June to promote the United Nations’ World Food Safety Day on June 7. According to Kemin, it has worked closely with the UN’s World Food Program for more than two decades, helping to increase food safety awareness.

Kemin’s KEEPER and OXINE solutions can be used in its AANE™, OLAS™ and TITAN™ systems. The solutions are effective on several food pathogens to help food processors mitigate food safety challenges and maintain safe food products. The new solutions leave no residue and do not impact the taste or texture of ingredients and finished foods.

"As a strong advocate for food safety and part of the food supply chain, addressing market needs and contributing to food safety is paramount to Kemin, and why we want to be part of our customers' journeys to deliver high-quality and safe food to consumers' tables," said Joanne Tan, senior regional marketing manager at Kemin Food Technologies – Asia.

KEEPER and OXINE are recognized as safe by the US Department of Agriculture, the US Food and Drug Administration and the World Health Organization. The solutions are also certified organic by the Organic Materials Review Institute, and the OXINE solution is recognized to be effective against COVID-19 by the US Environmental Protection Agency.

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