PORTLAND, ORE. — Portland Pet Food Company (PPFC) released its annual upcycling report April 29, revealing that the company has upcycled more than 68,000 lbs of ingredients in the past year.

According to the human-grade pet food company, sustainable ingredient sourcing is key to the company’s overall mission toward achieving sustainability. PPFC currently works with local suppliers and farmers to source its ingredients, decreasing its emissions and ensuring ingredient quality. In PPFC’s recent report, the company shared it has expanded its sustainable ingredient sourcing to include upcycling.

Portland Pet Food Company's first cat foods.Source: Portland Per Food Company

PPFC has upcycled more than 30,000 lbs of Northwest Wild-Caught Salmon; 15,000 lbs of yams, which were unfit for grocery stores; 13,000 lbs of spent grain from local breweries; 8,000 lbs of bacon; and 2,600 lbs of eggshells all in the past year, totaling roughly 68,600 lbs. The company plans to increase the amount of upcycled ingredients in its future operations.

“We have always been creative with our sourcing and we will continue to look for more products we can upcycle,” said Katie McCarron, founder of PPFC.  “As we look to 2022 we expect these numbers to naturally grow keeping up with our organic sales growth and with the release of new products – like our two new cat meals – we will have even more ingredients that we can upcycle.”

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