EBERBACH, GERMANY — GELITA, a global manufacturer of pet food ingredients, will showcase its protein and collagen peptide products at Interzoo, occurring May 24 to 27 in Nuremberg, Germany. The company will demonstrate the capabilities of its PETAGILE® and GELIPRO® BIND ingredients.

According to GELITA, osteoarthritis, a degenerative joint disease, is common in pets. To help prevent the disease and keep pets mobile, GELITA has developed PETAGILE. PETAGILE is an active ingredient that can improve agility and mobility in dogs, cats and horses. The ingredient is formulated with bioactive collagen peptides (BCP) to promote metabolism of joint cartilage, which can help counteract joint damage related to age and stress.

PETAGILE can be used in both wet and dry pet food formulas as it has a neutral odor and taste, as well as an excellent solubility, according to GELITA.

GELIPRO BIND is a functional protein that boasts water-binding and emulsifying properties, which can help create appealing textures in dry and moist pet foods. The ingredient helps promote the development of thermoreversible gels, serving as a natural adhesive to bind various pet food ingredients together. As well as binding, GELIPRO BIND also improves stability and variable textures in wet formulations.

Besides GELIPRO BIND and PETAGILE, GELITA also offers GELIMIN®, an organic calcium and phosphorus source; GELIPRO® DIGEST and GELITA® Flex, easily digestible proteins; GELIFAT®, an animal fat; and GELITA® GELATINE, a collagen protein. 

GELTIA’s ingredients are gluten- and allergen-free and are also sustainably sourced from quality animal products.

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