NEW PLYMOUTH, NEW ZEALAND — Taranaki Bio Extracts, a premium ingredient company offering solutions for food and pet nutrition products, announced April 7 its entrance in the United States pet food market. The company has launched a new brand, Bonefide Gold, which will offer human-grade broth ingredients for use in pet food applications.

Bonefide Gold’s product development team is led by a Ph.D. food process engineer with experience in meat science and food safety, according to Taranaki Bio Extracts. The new broth brand will sell pure beef bone broth andextract, which offers a 44% minimum protein content and serves as a source of collagen, glucosamine, and amino acids glycine and proline.

The company also shared Bonefine Gold ingredients will be sustainable, ethically sourced, minimally processed, and free from additives, colorings, flavor enhancers and GMOs.

“Bonefide Gold is our premium brand for pet nutrition,” said Andrew Buhler, sales and marketing manager at Bonefide Gold and Taranaki Bio Extracts. “We’ve spent 10 years refining our recipe to supply nutrient-dense beef bone extracts and broths to premium food manufacturers worldwide. We’re excited to be the first New Zealand company to offer this human-grade goodness to petfood manufacturers in the US. If it’s good for us, it’s got to be good for them.”

Bonefide Gold’s beef bone brothextract can be incorporated in functional pet food formulations and gravy-style meal toppers. Taranaki Bio Extracts is currently seeking partnerships with US manufacturers and product developers.

“We can bring you sustainably produced ingredients, and a transparency that will add to the quality of your own brand,” said Tony Fergus, general manager of Taranaki Bio Extracts. 

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