LAKE CITY, FLA. — On March 28, Scoular announced it acquired two new facilities in Lake City, Fla., and Live Oak, Fla., from Columbia Grain and Ingredients. According to Scoular, the new facilities will help it better serve producers of grain and livestock feed within the Southeastern US.

The acquisition from Columbia Grain and Ingredients includes feed ingredient and grain handling facilities, as well as storage space and a feed mill. The facilities will provide nearly 600,000 bushels of upright storage space and more than 10,000 tons of flat storage space for corn and bulk and micro ingredients. The facilities will expand Scoular’s capabilities of loading and unloading trucks and rail cars and will allow the company to offer just-in-time delivery.

“This transaction is critical to better serving our feed and grain customers in the region,” said Eric Perry, vice president and general manager at Scoular’s Feed Division.

The Florida facilities expands Scoular’s existing grain and ingredient business, allowing it to provide micro-ingredient blending services to the Southeast area.

The acquisition also includes Columbia Grain and Ingredients’ transportation fleet. Scoular plans to integrate the employees into its operation.

“This investment expands our network, product portfolio and transportation presence in the region, demonstrating our commitment to providing high-quality ingredients and services to our customers,” Perry added. “We are excited to leverage our operational expertise and experience in blending ingredients into this new and expanding business.”

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