BOCA RATON, FLA. — On March 16, Green Gruff announced its launch into the pet industry with new dog supplements. The daily supplements will officially release at this year’s Global Pet Expo, at which Green Gruff will be exhibiting at booth No. 746.

The dog supplements were developed in partnership with Veterinarian Jeff Powers, DVM, and Animal Nutritionist Serge Boutet to help alleviate common dog ailments, including anxiety, stress, digestion, itching and hip and joint mobility. The supplements come in four varieties: Ease for joint and hip support, Relax for calming anxiety, Soothe for skin and coat health, and Detox for immune support.

The supplement chews are formulated with organic, vet-backed ingredients and cricket protein to support the company’s dedication to sustainability. According to Green Gruff, cricket protein requires less land than chicken protein and produces more protein per pound and less emissions compared to livestock.

As well as using sustainable ingredients, the company also uses upcycled jars for packaging and manufactures the supplements without heat or water within solar-powered facilities. Green Gruff’s commitment to sustainability has earned it certification with the Pet Sustainability Coalition.

“We’re excited to be launching into the pet industry at Global Pet Expo,” said Jonathan Persofsky, co-founder and chief executive officer, Green Gruff. “I started Green Gruff out of my love for dogs and the pet industry is the perfect channel for us to reach the most dogs possible.”

The company also offers enhanced varieties of its Ease, Relax and Soothe supplements made with CBD.

Green Gruff’s dog supplements are available in 24-count resealable bags or 90-count jars on its e-commerce platform. The company plans to expand its national distribution to retail chains and brick-and-mortar stores.

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