BENGALURU, INDIA — Natural pet treat brand, Dogsee Chew, received more than $5.6 million in a Series A funding round from Mankind Pharma and existing backer Sixth Sense Ventures. The investment marks Mankind Pharma’s first venture into the pet food industry.

Dogsee Chew was founded in 2015 by Bhupendra Khanal and Sneh Sharma.

“With Mankind, we share the common DNA of innovation,” Sharma said. “We are confident that with their support, we will be able to develop the niche that we have envisioned for the brand.”

Sixth Sense Ventures also participated in the brand’s pre-Series A funding in November 2021.

“Sixth Sense Ventures has been a great partner for us,” Sharma said. “We are excited to be deepening our partnership with this round. It speaks a lot about the trust and comfort we have established between us in such a short span of time.”

The investments will go toward Dogsee Chew’s brand building, research and development and efforts to establish a stronger distribution network.

“The trust that people have shown in Dogsee Chew has strengthened our confidence to invest in a brand that is true to its nature,” said Arjun Juneja, chief operations officer of Mankind Pharma. “Mankind has always believed in innovation and, with brands like Dogsee Chew that are innovative and young, we see the future of India.”

Dogsee Chew’s treats are all-natural, human-grade and protein-rich, and formulated without added preservatives or chemicals. Currently, the brand offers Long-Lasting Hard Bars, Soft and Crunchy Puffed Treats, Singe-Ingredient Training Treats and Seasoning Powder.

“With their 100% natural and vegetarian offerings, Dogsee Chew is uniquely positioned to make the most of the current global trends in the pet care industry,” said Nikhil Vora, founder and chief executive officer of Sixth Sense Ventures. “We are excited to deepen our partnership with Sneh and Bhupi and are elated to be part of their journey.”

Since its founding, the brand has now become India’s fourth largest pet food exporter and distributes to more than 30 countries, according to Dogsee Chew

“Our products are the result of years of careful research focused on the precise nutritional needs of dogs,” Khanal said. “We put research and innovation at the heart of everything we do. The more we understand, the better placed we are to make a positive difference to the health and well-being of pets. Mankind Pharma has an established history of creating highly successful consumer products. Having the backing of such a giant is a huge vote of confidence for us and we look forward to learning from their expertise.”

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