CINCINNATI — ProAmpac announced Jan. 20 it has partnered with Kit Yam, Ph.D., a professor in the Department of Food Science at Rutgers University. The partnership will support the company’s Material Science and Innovation teams.

“Dr. Yam is recognized as an expert in the fields of active and intelligent packaging and ProAmpac is honored to include him and his lab in our expanded research and development partnerships,” said Hesam Tabatabaei, global vice president of product development and innovation at ProAmpac. “We are certain this partnership will accelerate innovation in smart packaging leading to food-safety solutions for consumers and extend shelf-life to reduce overall food waste.”

As part of the partnership, Yam’s lab will offer package testing abilities to further ProAmpac’s development of smart packaging.

“ProAmpac’s commitment to studying the fundamentals of active and intelligent packaging will move the field forward,” Yam said. “Through this impactful partnership we will work to bring smart packaging out of the lab and onto store shelves. I look forward to working together and, in the future, delivering ground-breaking packaging innovation.”

The partnership with Rutgers is one of many for ProAmpac. The company’s existing partnerships include Clemson University, Polytechnique Montréal and Rochester Institute of Technology.

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